Protein Innovation Summit 2013

The 2013 Protein Innovation Summit will explore food and flavor trends, food cost strategies, process and technology trends, food politics and emerging growth segments for new product development. Top culinary talent from restaurant and hotel chains will join R&D teams from meat and poultry processors at this 2-day, event at Chicago's Trump Int'l Hotel & Tower to discuss strategies for profitable center-of-the-plate menu and product development.

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Program Content

The 2013 program will focus on factors impacting product development in today's marketplace:

  • The challenge of managing food costs, food politics and food allergies
  • Growth opportunities in emerging food and flavor trends, college dining segment and serving patrons with special dietary needs
  • Solutions offered by new process and technology trends 

Who Should Attend

  • Corporate and executive chefs at restaurants and hotel chains
  • R&D/menu development professionals at meat and poultry processors
  • F&B management of hotel chains
  • Senior executives of meat and poultry processors and restaurant and hotel chains
  • Marketing and sales executives
  • Meat and poultry industry consultants, sponsoring suppliers and commodity boards

Event Overview

The 2013 Protein Innovation Summit will:

This year we'll be taking a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities impacting center-of-the-plate product development:

On our first day, we'll examine, head-on, the many economic factors driving up food and raw material costs. We'll get insights from throughout the supply chain on working with—and around—those economic challenges. In our food politics segment we'll explore the importance of having a coherent media and communications strategy, and how the era of the 24-hour news cycle can irreparably impact a food company's reputation. 

On day two, we'll focus on the growth opportunities emerging from new food and flavor trends, and how innovators have transformed problems into extraordinary new product development opportunities. We'll explore the diverse spectrum of college dining. And one of the industry's most celebrated product innovators taps into the process and technology trends that offer operational solutions to processors and operators.